About Us

HOMOREVOLUTION TOUR 2007 is the first Ever HomoHop Tour of the Pacific Southwest, a tour of GAY, Lesbian and Bisexual rap & hip hop artists.

Gay Hip Hop or "homohop" as it has been called has been around for awhile in the underground but it was brought to the attention of the larger LGBT Community in Alex Hinton's 2005 documentary about the genre, "Pick up the Mic". The 90 minute film profiled 18 LGBT hip hop artists throughout the world. Pick up the Mic debuted on MTV Network's LOGO in October.

This tour will possibly be the focus of a Reality show with Rachel Powell (My Life as A Sitcom) serving as Executive Producer. We are looking for a Production Company or Network to pick it up.

Why HomoRevolution??

Deadlee's 2007 CD is entitled "Intifada", which is an Arabic word for "uprising". Bigg Nugg's 2007 release is titled "La Revolucion". Melange Lavonne is toying with the idea of "Revolution" as a title for her next work. It's a growing theme...after 6 years of persecution and suppression by the Bush led right wing, we are not taking it any more. We are standing up, gathering our voices and speaking out in the form of hip hop and rap. 2006 saw great change, 2007 we will see it musically. It is not just a revolution against those who oppress us sexually but also musically. Those who would say "don't come out of the closet, don't be a gay rapper" or those who would keep the Gay Hip Hop genre a niche market. We revolt and rebel against that concept. A gay kid shouldn't be surprised to find a gay rapper on LOGO while waiting for the next Gwen Stefani video. Today's LGBT Community should know we exist.

Are you only touring the Southwest? When will you come to my city?

Touring is expensive. The Southwest was selected because it is a region that is almost in most of our backyard (figuratively speaking) and contains alot of gay youth who are attracted to the Artists and the messages they bring.

If we receive funding to tour other areas of the U.S. and our schedule allows, we will be happy to add other regions. It is expected there will be a mini-tour of 2-3 Midwest cities in May 2007 including Chicago and Detroit. As soon as those dates are finalized (early next year), we will post them here. We also plan a brief 2-3 city Central to Northern California tour in June ending in San Francisco. So yes San Francisco, Deadlee will return to the City by the Bay. It's been a long time.